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Associate Professor/Senior Supervisor:

Dr. Bonnie Gray

Bonnie L. Gray
bgray at sfu.ca

B.S. (EE) 1992, RPI
M.S. (EE) 1995, Berkeley
Ph.D. (EE) 2001, UC Davis

Research interests:

Microfluidics, microassembly, biomedical microdevices and instrumentation, high-aspect ratio microfabrication techniques, micro total analysis systems. Development of a toolkit of interconnect structures and microassembly methodologies for combining micro-electronic, -fluidic, -optical, and -mechanical components into microinstruments for biomedical and other applications, including cell research, disease detection, and drug delivery.

PhD. Candidates:

Jasbir Patel

Jasbir N. Patel
jpatel at sfu.ca

M.E.Sc. 2005, U.Western
B.E. 1998, Govt. Eng. College

Research interests:

Microfluidics, Lab-on-a-chip, wireless sensors, glucose monitoring, bio-sensors, microinstrumentation, polymer micromachining, Lab-on-eye.

Ajit Khosla

Ajit Khosla
aka54 at sfu.ca

M.A.Sc. 2004, U. Wales, UK
B.A.Sc. 2002, U. Jammu, India

Research interests:

Microfluidics, cell manipulation, dielectrophoresis, micro- and nanofabrication, conductive polymers, and nano-composite materials. Research into shape memory effect of polymers and breast cancer research using non-invasive techniques.

Sean Romanuik
sromanui at sfu.ca

M.A.Sc. 2009 U Manitoba, Canada

Research interests:

Microfluidic single cell trapping for immunology: single cell antibody affinity studies.


MASc. Candidates:


Dae-Han Chung
daehanc at sfu.ca

Research interests:

Flexible electrodes for impedance analysis of cancerous tissue.

Ang Li
lyon21 at gmail.com

Research interests:

Hydrogels for flexible miniaturized valves.


BASc. Candidates:


Samantha Grist
smg2 at sfu.ca

Research interests:

Flow through traps for single cell trapping and optimization of polymer microfabrication.

Matt Giassa

Matt Giassa
mgiassa at sfu.ca

Research interests:

Automated equipment for multi-plexed impedance analysis.

Dan Hilbich
dhilbich at sfu.ca

Research interests:

Microvalve arrays for highly parallel high throughput systems.

Past members:

Masters students:

Takaya Ueda M.A.Sc. 2008 Combining polymer with metals, polymer fabrication, microinstrumentation, MEMS, thick film polymer lids for cell research
Stephanie Westwood M.A.Sc. 2008 Polymer microchannels with integrated interconnect and apllications as cell research platforms
Seema Jaffer M.A.Sc. 2007 Development of modular system structures for assembling microfluidic components of disparate materials

Undergraduate students:

Olha Lui B.A.Sc. 2007 Microneedle array with interconnects for transdermal drug delivery
Alex Cheng B.A.Sc. 2006 Measuring endothelial cell migration forces in MEMS
Seema Jaffer B.A.Sc. 2005 Design of a microassembly device for microcomponents
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